It’s safe to say that telephone sales and high level appointment setting is not for everyone. Even the most experienced field sales representatives can fumble over the telephone. The role requires a number of innate skills that can be improved with training but, can rarely be taught from scratch. To be successful in this field really is an art.


Firstly and most importantly, you have to genuinely enjoy speaking to people. Often there may be several people you have to speak to before reaching the decision maker, such as receptionists and personal assistants, who are often known as gatekeepers. Therefore, it is imperative to build rapport with them, as they either help or hinder you depending on how you are perceived.


You need to be resilient, as rejection is a large part of the job. You will have to be able to swiftly move on to the next call, as not everyone is going to be interested in your product. It is hard to constantly hear ‘no’ and some may this more politely than others.  However, you need to achieve a high call rate in order reach the person who is going to say yes. Remember, you have a talent that the majority of the population lacks. Use your natural skills and your training to keep going and you will make a sale.


Professionalism is a skill that is especially vital in customer facing roles. It is about remembering that whenever you pick up the phone, you are representing your company and your clients. Professionalism is about going that extra mile, being courteous and respectful, dressing smartly and being punctual. Always strive for excellence.


Telephone sales and appointment setting is about reaching goals, so in order to be successful in this role, you need to be driven to reach and exceed targets.  On the other hand, you need to also be able to take no for an answer, as it is these targets that has also given sales a bad name. Remember that there is a difference between ambitious and ruthless.


In order to thrive in appointment setting and telephone sales, you need to have good business sense and the ability to use your knowledge to make good decisions. This is also known as ‘executive level thinking’. Business acumen will help you better understand your role within your company and how its success depends on your success.

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